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The Canadian Cattlemen's Association is proud to host Canadian and international students at the 2014 International Livestock Congress - Calgary. This year the congress will be taking up to 20 successful students for the program.

One of our mandates is to reach out to future leaders. ILC-Calgary is proud to once again sponsor those students that are successful in the application process. The student program will start Tuesday July 08, 2014 with students arriving at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in time for the ILC Student program orientation session at 6:00 pm, and runs till Friday night July 11, 2014 with the students going to the Grandstand Show at the Calgary Stampede. We think this is a great opportunity for the students to:

  • meet the leaders of the industry,
  • hear and discuss global issues
  • get experts' perspectives on local and global issues,
  • meet students from the world working in the field of agriculture and
  • possibly meet their future employer.

Last year 20 agricultural students from Canada and around world were sponsored to attend the ILC student program. In the past, several program alumni pursued and obtained employment with Alberta's agricultural industry players.

View ILC Conference Student Agenda (PDF - Coming Soon!)

Why does ILC support a student program?

First, we promote agricultural education and training of our industry with our future leaders. We want to continue to engage students to identify the issues in our industry, increase their awareness of these issues and their global impact. Students will have the opportunity to hear, learn from and interact with global agricultural industry experts. We believe this learning experience will encourage these promising young people to continue their career in agriculture.

Second, to create vital exposure for our industry. Our industry today has a high demand for creative solutions. Getting youth involved at this level encourages a new generation with the energy, intellect and creativity we need to keep it sustainable. ILC - Calgary allows the students the opportunity to interact and learn from the agricultural industry professionals attending the conference as speakers, sponsors and stakeholders. Regardless of where the students are from, we are bringing young talent to this province - to experience and have an appreciation for Alberta agriculture and encourage our future agricultural industry leaders.

How can you participate?


Download Guidelines for 2014 ILC Calgary Student Application (.docx)


Complete Student Application Form (.docx)
Download and complete this form if you'd like to fill it out by hand and
fax it to 403-255-4592 or mail it in to:

ILC 2014 Student Program,
Suite 510, 5920 – 1 A Street SW,
Calgary Alberta T2H 0G3

Complete Student Application Form (.docx)
Download and complete this form if you'd like to fill it in digitally and send it to us by email to


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